Research and development of automotive materials

Our R&D department allows us to carry out exams, surveys and rapid prototyping of rubber, metals and all the other materials we use.

R&D processes: Bespoke quality

The Research & Development laboratories are the core essence of our company’s innovative processes.
The continual improvement of existing products, the materials we use and the design of new products are the basis for the subsequent development of the R&D and Engineering processes. The objective is to supply superior quality bespoke products, designed and developed according to customer specifications.

In addition, thanks to the joint work carried out with the Quality Department, we can conduct examinations and surveys of the various rubber parameters and all the other materials we use.

Some of the many tests we carry out include load failure tests, breakage tests, aging tests and in-depth vibration analysis.

Rapid prototyping of rubber

Rapid prototyping of rubber to create anti-vibration rubbers or similar components consists of several phases:

  • development of the rubber recipe;
  • production of ad hoc rubber;
  • production of the sampling moulds;
  • rapid prototype printing;
  • testing.

The ongoing experimentation on components and the study of the characteristics of the anti-vibration rubbers and other products have allowed us to guarantee – under both normal and stress conditions – the maximum reliability of our products at an excellent price ratio.

To guarantee maximum quality

We collaborate with

SAV technology for anti-vibration solutions



We have been producing bespoke rubber compounds for over 50 years to meet the demands of our customers and those of our components.



We have patented a new material with many advantages. We use it for our patented SAV bushings and export it worldwide for automotive components.
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