We build the anti-vibration solutions of tomorrow

For over 50 years we at SAV – Studi ed Applicazioni di Vibrotecnica – have specialised in the design, experimentation and production of anti-vibration solutions.

SAV, anti-vibration solutions since 1967

We are a company with over 50 years of experience in R&D, Product Development and production of anti-vibration solutions.
We specialise in the design, experimentation and production of rubber, rubber-metal and polyurethane anti-vibration products that are solvent and hydrocarbon resistant.

Our continuous product experiments and studies on the characteristics of the articles allow us to guarantee the reliability and quality-price ratios of our anti-vibration solutions, always responding to the demands of the continuous evolution of the global market.

Our in-house engineering department works with independent Design Studios specialised in the automotive industry for some of the projects and is supported in certain inCross disciplines to accomplish and obtain the highest quality from the tests and simulations.
All our collaborations

In addition, our work is IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.
Our certifications / certificates

Our history

Our company was founded over 50 years ago based on a project by Dr. Giuseppe Spinella, who conceived a new role between the supplier and the customer, experimenting with new materials and production technologies.

At that period in time, the production of vehicles was on the increase and the anti-vibration solutions proposed by Giuseppe Spinella for the vehicle suspensions made the difference in that new type of market.

After completing the first successful projects, our company – which was just a small laboratory in Milan at that time – moved to its official headquarters in the province of Bergamo and became an actual production centre.
In the following years we invested increasingly in innovation and research, expanding into foreign markets and introducing new concept products to Italy, until we achieved primates not only in our country, but throughout Europe.

Charm, personality, expertise and fighting spirit were the corner pillars that distinguished Dr Giuseppe Spinella throughout his life and continue to be the basic concepts of our day-to-day life.

Our vision, our mission and our values

Our vision

We want to be an established international leader in the supply of innovative anti-vibration solutions in the automotive industry.

Our mission

Our mission is to create added value for our customers by always supplying superior quality products and innovative anti-vibration solutions.

Our values

Our key values are customer orientation, innovation, quality, team working, co-engineering, efficiency and sustainability.

Our goal is to support future generations. That is why when we developed our mission, vision and values, we focused on people, the environment and the company as a whole. Sustainability, transparency and integrity are the adjectives that best describe our commitment to our suppliers, our customers and our employees.

Sustainable for us means creating value for stakeholders and using resources in a manner that does not compromise the needs of future generations; hence respecting people, the environment and the company as a whole.
We see sustainability as the driving force behind a continuous improvement process that ensures results over time and strengthens our economic performance and reputation.

We are inspired by the principles of honesty, fairness, transparency and integrity. We also adopt the highest international standards and guidelines in the management of our activities in all the contexts in which we operate.

We are committed to taking action aimed at promoting respect for people and their rights, the environment and – more generally – the widespread interests of the communities in which we operate.

We conduct our business taking into account the interests of the stakeholders, in the knowledge that dialogue and sharing of objectives are tools that can be used to create mutual value.

We guarantee the sustainability of our activities by means of a model applied to all processes and transversal to all the functions of the company. The model is oriented towards innovation and the accomplishment of long-term goals through an assessment and management of risks contributing to their prevention or mitigation.

We are committed to promoting our principles to our stakeholders and, in particular, to our suppliers, our customers and our employees, through the sharing of values and objectives, trust and mutual knowledge.

Our business units

OE (Original Equipment)
The combination of technical capability and consolidated experience allows us to play a key role in vehicle development processes.

Most of our Original Equipment (OE) production is focused on commercial vehicles, supplying several major manufacturers (VMs), including STELLANTIS, CNH and IVECO GROUP.

Our goals:

● Reduce weight;
● Boost performance;
● Simplify assembly.

How do we achieve our goals?

● Through a customer oriented phase, that is the study and analysis of the needs of customers, applications, vehicles and the market.
● Through team working to find the best solution.
● Through sampling & testing to put ideas into practice.

Aftermarket Business Unit
Thanks to our Aftermarket Business Unit we are able to supply articles produced to the same standards as the original ones at an international level. We are investing extensively to develop this Business Unit, gaining recognition as a quality partner of the main global operators also in the Aftermarket sector.

We work directly with the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers, supplying them with our best anti-vibration solutions.

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