MOVELON®: a patented compound material for the automotive industry

Movelon® is a compound material that we have invented and patented and sell worldwide in the automotive industry.

What is Movelon® and how does it work?

Its main characteristics are its lightness, its flexibility, its low friction coefficient and its resistance to high temperatures.
We use it for our SAV patented bushings and the new generation SAV links.

Benefits of SAV patents

Thanks to the introduction of a new internal part in sliding material, called Movelon®, we have been able to improve service fatigue resistance. This is because the torsional stress is not transmitted to the rubber ring, whose only task is to absorb the thrusts and stress in the radial direction.
This type of bushing is assembled by pressing the deformable rubber or plastic ring into the seat. A more straightforward solution compared to the inserting of metal parts.
Moreover, the seat in which the bushings are assembled requires wider dimensional tolerances and no specific eye machining is necessary.

Our patented self-lubricating bushings with Movelon® have a variety of characteristics:

  • they are extremely light, with a weight reduction of up to 37%;
  • they do not require additional assembly operations;
  • they are silent, therefore eliminating any metallic noise;
  • they have an improved service life under stress (up to 48% longer);
  • they are self-lubricating, so it is not necessary to treat them with oils or specific solutions;
  • they have a bespoke design that improves performance and facilitates assembly;
  • they have low coefficient friction, making it possible to eliminate torsional stress.

These bushings can be used for swing arms and leaf springs, or can be assembled on unprocessed eyes, saving on machining costs.

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